Born in Zaldibar, Biscay, in April 1967, this taste for photography and Nature proceeds from my youth.

I studied Geology Science at the University of the Basque Country where my two favourite interests, photography and the study of geology, would be reconciled. Thereby, I could use photography as a document for my research and in some other cases as a means to discover natural spaces of an immense photography beauty.

Having shot plenty of rolls of films and slides in my trips, I have realised a very big change has come about all along these years with the current use of the Digital Photography.

After letting photography stand over for a while, at the end of the year 2006, I discovered Digital Photography (much more versatile, comfortable, quick in results and with a much higher quality than the reel film photography) as well as José Benito Ruiz (an exceptional photographer, and even better as a person, who guides me in the learning process of this hobby), that have allowed me to renew all my photography equipment and to take lots of photos which have granted the chance to rediscover such marvellous places that surround us.


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